There are three types of blog posts that tend to be very successful and popular. Some of your posts are simply going to be much more successful than others, and they will almost always be one of these three types.

Link Posts

It’s great to link to work by other sources, things other people have written, and add your own thoughts. These sources can include other bloggers, traditional websites, online newspaper articles, and basically anything.

I do this and suggest you do when linking to something adds value to your readers. You are showing them something that they are hopefully interested in and adding some of your own analysis or thoughts and comments.

You may agree with the original author and add some more thoughts or disagree. Sometimes controversy, where genuine and well thought out, can create a lot of interest!

Make sure you link to lesser known sources sometimes. If you’re only linking to A-list bloggers and very popular Web sites, it’s more likely your readers will have already seen what you are referencing.

Single Topic Posts with Original Content

Although link posts are great, you should write original content at least some of the time. Original material makes your blog even more valuable and attracts the search engines who will send you more readers, especially when a post if focused narrowly on a single topic or issue.

Some people write more original content, perhaps primarily original content, whereas others like to link more of the time and both techniques are fine. Most bloggers do and should use some mix of these two techniques.

List Posts

Lists are extremely popular! Often they’ll have titles like “27 Ways To . . .” or “The Three Best . . .”

The items in the lists may be original thoughts, links to other resources on the Internet, things you’ve already blogged on, or some combination.

Notice what’s not on the list: rambling posts that cover several topics. These are rarely popular or useful. Stick primarily to the three types mentioned above, and you’ll find that some of your posts take off and attract lots of readers. Oh, and expect to be surprised at which ones are most popular; all bloggers, including myself, always are!