Most bloggers write at least weekly, many write daily, and some write more than daily. How can a blogger keep finding topics to write on? Sometimes it’s easy and there will be so much you can’t blog on everything you want to, but other times you’ll have difficulty finding a worthwhile topic to blog on.

Here are 5 tips to help keep you pumping out exciting blog posts.

  1. Use the free Google Alerts or a similar service. Google Alerts tells you when it finds new relevant content on topics you blog about. You specify keywords and phrases you want to have tracked for you.For example, if I blogged on flyfishing for trout, I might tell Google Alerts I want to know when any new content is discovered that contains the keywords “trout” or “fly fishing.” I might also specify my name and blog name as keywords.

    I get emails a couple of times a day from Google Alerts and I have 8 to 10 things that Google Alerts tracks for me. This helps uncover news and new content in my niche that I might blog about.

  2. Read specific blogs in your area using a feedreader, also sometimes call a news aggregator, for example, MyYahoo or Bloglines. There are a lot of these out there, and they make reading lots of blogs extremely fast and easy.If you are not familiar with these, they display all the new posts from blogs you follow on one page. You can quickly read the ones with interesting post titles, and skip the others. Again, you’ll find interesting things to blog about.
  3. You’ll think of great post ideas at the strangest times, so always have something handy to take notes.
    I use simple pads of paper which I have scattered around my home, office and car. When I get a great idea and write it down, I place that piece of paper in my wallet so I don’t lose it or the idea.
  4. Consider occasionally updating and re-posting some of your most popular posts. Some bloggers simply repost them as is, labeling them as classic hits, and others update or expand on them. Both techniques are valid.
  5. Keep a few blog posts in reserve for when you just don’t have any great ideas or are too busy. For example, if you write 3 blog posts on Monday and a couple are on evergreen topics, ones with timeless value, you might refrain from posting them immediately.

A steady stream of great blog posts on exciting topics will help build your readership and keep your existing readers coming back. Somedays it’s easy to crank out a new and exciting post, other days it’s a challenge. Hopefully these tips will help you maintain a steady stream your readers will enjoy.