Regardless of the demographic constraints and living standards of people, everybody has the right to procure affordable and clean drinking water. While the vision is quite clear, only a few countries have actually implemented strategies for making sure that drinking water scarcity is never an alarming issue. However, despite the vigilance, according to WHO almost 2.1 billion individuals didn’t have access to clean drinking water and almost 4.5 billion even lacked access to robust sanitation.

While these sorry figures state that global administration failed miserably in keeping water resources available to the individuals, it is now up to the start-ups and entrepreneurs to devise ideas for stemming this pertinent water crisis, once and for all. Although many start-ups have already come up with potent solutions for combating this threat, especially on the humanitarian grounds, many new businesses are also realizing the importance of clean water in regard to manufacturing and therefore jumping onto the world water safety bandwagon. 

In the subsequent sections, we shall take a closer look at the strategies that have been formulated by the startups for eliminating the global water crisis from the face of the earth:

  • Clean Water AI

This happens to be first and most feasible water purifying initiative that initially targeted the ‘Water Safety and Food Security’ challenge, across the globe. Despite this being in the prototyping stage, the device postulated and put forth the techniques necessary to identifying cleaner water sources. 

The concept behind the Clean Water AI is Machine Learning algorithm which works in cohesion with pattern recognition for identifying certain strains of bacteria. In addition to that, there is a digital microscope attached to this device that is capable of testing water in real-time. 

Last but not least, this water purity identification system is also capable of identifying two strains of bacteria up till now, including Vibrio Cholera and Escherichia Coli, depending on the edges, shape, color, and density of the same. 

What separates this device from others in the market is the low-maintenance cost. Moreover, the readings, unlike the chemically induced ones, are powered by optical reading, which minimize resource allocation and provide genuine results.

  • OCEO Water

Here is an Indian startup that has revolutionized the concept of water purification by bringing forth an IOT-powered water purifier into the scheme of things. The best thing about this device and some of the other relevant ones is that the machine instantly sends out notifications to the individuals if and when the water quality starts degrading. 

The ability of this device to monitor water quality in real-time is definitely the need of the hour. Most importantly, notifications regarding device maintenance and servicing are also sent out on a periodic or rather preferential basis. 

  • Aqua Panel

Needless to say, the water crisis in India is expected to worsen by the year 2030 provided startups and even government authorities do not bring in innovative measures into the scheme of things. Aqua Panel, however, is yet another initiative from an Indian startup that aims at achieving cleaner water precisely by using a thermally induced system. 

Firstly, the concept behind this water purification system is to absorb the existing water vapour from the more humid areas and converting the same to water by passing the same through a condenser. This method is less of a detection system and more of a water purifying system which is the need of the hour. 

When it comes to ascertaining the technical aspects of this device, the Aqua Panel keeps the dust particles, pollutants, and even pollens at bay. Moreover, the inclusion of UV light ensures that bacterial implications aren’t there and the water is completely pure and drinkable in nature.

  • Water Gen

Not just the Indian startups but even entrepreneurs from other countries are realizing the importance of water purification and coming up with devices that can stem the lingering global water crisis. Water Gen is one similar initiative from an Israel-based startup that plans on purifying the water by using electricity instead of solar energy. 

Not just the existing purification system but this innovation also makes room for a multi filtration cascading system for keeping out other harmful entities. 

At present, Water Gen has already made its way into more than 3,400 schools and homes in the South African contingent. 

  • NKD Pod+

Here is a bottle like water purifying system that has the ability to remove almost 99 percent of harmful bacteria and other associated chemicals from the water. The best thing about this UK based innovation is that water quality is first identified and the ‘Super Charging’ technology is used for infusing the same with antioxidants and an alkaline base. 

The best thing about innovations like the NKD Pod+ is that they not only aim at cleaning the water but also make way for improving the quality of consumable fluids.

Why Businesses are Increasingly Focusing on Clean Drinking Water?

While humanitarian reasons galore when it comes to ascertain the motive of startups in facilitating a culture of cleaner drinking water, the aspect of sustainable development cannot be ignored completely. With several firms dealing in beverages accused of using up excessive ground water, the onus is now of these entrepreneurs to perpetuate a sense of environmental sustainability for gaining the trust of the common people. 

Here are some of the most obvious reasons why businesses are attending to clean water scarcity with absolute urgency:

  • Scaling ahead of the Constant Competition

Clean drinking water isn’t a luxury but a compulsion even from an entrepreneurial standpoint. Needless to say, businesses do require good quality water supply in regard to manufacturing and therefore they are constantly putting in resources for improving the water quality of the surrounding areas.

  • Increasing Turnover

Workers who toil endlessly need to be provided with good quality food and water which eventually minimizes absenteeism. Therefore, businesses are slowly but steadily understanding the role of cleaner drinking water at manufacturing plants and workplaces. Therefore, they are setting up their own water purifiers at certain points for making sure employees have access to good quality water.

  • Following Protocols

Businesses are constantly checked and the quality of products and services are ascertained periodically. Therefore, in order to keep up with the sanitation, water consumption, and hygiene guidelines it is necessary to give utmost attention to water purification, more than anything else. 

What are the Additional Business Responsibilities?

Needless to say, the concept of water purification for businesses doesn’t end at the fence. Instead, a vigilant firm that attends to the water crisis even when the shop is closed is the one that actually succeeds in making it big in the entrepreneurial arena. Moreover, businesses that have thousands of workers toiling as a part of an extensive workforce supply chain need to realize the aspect of sanitation also needs to be prioritized as it would directly impact the water quality.


Every business must dedicate a certain section of the top-level company management for attending to the water purification and sanitation. While there are quite a few startups that have taken the impending global crisis as the stepping stone towards launching their water purification products, the more established firms must show the way towards implementing water stewardship, right across the organization.