It goes without saying that Covid-19 is probably the most intimidating nemesis that mankind has ever faced. Besides the physical and psychological impacts, the pandemic is expected to show up with catastrophic economic consequences. Needless to say, SMEs and MSMEs will be the worst hit industries and there isn’t a lot businesses can do to avoid this unprecedented collapse.

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However, if you have a significant online presence, you can still revive the business my making a few SEO-centric ramifications. That said, these changes will not be temporary and the inclusions are expected to future-proof the concerned sector, provided companies are ready to work hard and go that extra mile to achieve stability.

Uncertain Times call for Uncanny Measures

Before we move onto the SEO-centric discussions, it is important to perpetuate a sense of compassion and empathy during the testing times. In most cases, the pandemic will make sure that the entire organizational workforce gets negatively impacted and therefore, during this tumultuous period, SEO is expected to play a bigger role than usual. 

Companies cannot go about following the same set of strategies as the supply chain, customer support system, delivery culture, and even manufacturing basics will change. The next-gen Search Engine Optimization principles will therefore emphasize more on the influx of credible information. 

What would be the Organizational Approach going into the Future?

With most employees working from home, media consumption during the pandemic has started soaring beyond contemplative values. Businesses, in the coming weeks, need to restructure the functioning, in order to minimize losses. Adjusting operations based on the evolving requirements will pivot most of the marketing strategies. If the online perspective is looked at, priorities will shift from paid searches to organic customer service schema and product deliveries. 

SEO efforts

The upcoming SEO structure will require organizations to follow an agile working methodology while looking for short-term successes. The main approach should be to lower losses, concentrate on short term profits, and protect the concerned brand, in days to come. 

Here are the important areas, in regard to SEO which would change significantly in the Covid-19 era:


  • Understand People


As mentioned, empathy will be at the forefront of any Search Engine Optimization strategy, going into the future. Firstly, organizations must deal with employees working remotely, in a more humane manner. The focus should be on retaining the workforce while making each individual feel comfortable in the current working environment.

What is the significance of this approach in regard to SEO?

The answer is better brand creation and the inclusion of innovative collaborative, problem-solving techniques.

 At present, firms must allocate resources towards making life better for the employees. Indirect empathetic gestures like not cutting down on incentives, purchasing inexpensive life insurance for seniors over 85, offering health insurance to the parents of employees, and more can go a long way in improving offline visibility which would eventually make way for better online credibility. 

Apart from that organizations can follow out-of-the-box strategies to keep up with the monotonous working environment. Offering channels for socializing or providing complementary Netflix subscriptions are ideas that are bound to succeed. If a firm starts understanding people better, it can also create content channels for employees to contribute unconventional ideas. Overall, the best SEO change would be to make a shift from the more technical concepts to employee satisfaction. 


  • Revisit the Process


Industries need to evolve with time and SEO would play a major role in this metamorphosis. However, the focus in this era would be to search customer data and gather behavioral insights. At this point, a potent search module shall be the key factor across platforms, networks, and channels. 

Companies need to assess and realign their marketing budgets. Cost control should be the most important SEO consideration as firms will be forced to spend more on social media marketing rather and keyword research, instead of off-page SEO. Content creation will be at the forefront of every SEO plan with companies increasingly focusing on mid and top-funnel content for generating better responses. Brand presence, in the Covid-19 era would entail towards EAT i.e. ‘Expertise, Authority, and Trust’. 

budget anticipation

Here is how the marketing budget will fare with almost 73 percent views hinting towards a cut

Another approach that would gain prominence is workflow creation. Businesses must allocate resources, set timelines, and make arrangements, accordingly. Rigid SEO strategies will stop being effective and the companies will move towards more responsive optimization approaches. Planning campaigns for the future, minimizing resource wastages, and being proactive with the plans are expected to be the new SEO guidelines.


  • Choose the Platforms


The post Covid-19 scenario would aim at amalgamating Artificial Intelligence with human performance. Therefore, in order for the SEO to work, it is necessary to focus primarily in data accuracy and bring assistive technology into the mix. The buying behavior of every customer will change and having predictive analytics on-board can help companies’ pin-point the exact platforms that need to be targeted for marketing.

The subsequent steps include auditing the insights with a greater frequency. We cannot stop stressing on the value of actionable data in this Covid-19 era as businesses need to be absolutely sure before spending any kind of money on marketing endeavors and customer retention strategies. 

Real time optimizations are going to get all the attention. The inclusion of AI will make this possible and companies will become more proactive in the days to come. Lastly, this era is perfect for a different kind of on-page optimization i.e. the inclusion of website chatbots. Chat assistants will minimize the role of humans which would allow companies to save resources. 


The world is reeling and slow recovering from this global pandemic. With businesses finding it hard to sustain, it is necessary to redirect the SEO plans in the best possible manner, precisely to concentrate more on productivity. In the next few months or even years, utilizing SEO to the fullest will be the goal of the concerned organizations.

Over the time, there will be only 3P’s relating to a successful SEO strategy for a company, including People, Process, and Platform. All the other elements will be gimmicky and mere options. The entire approach will focus on saving money and resources while making profits with limited marketing arsenal.