Well I am sure you have heard of PR hoarding or PR Sculpting by way of the nofollow attribute before, but do they work? Simple answer for me is I don’t know. Do you? I would love to hear from you on this thread then.

Please explain to me why millions of websites rank fine without doing this and now all of sudden we should start doing this? Is this to help our websites? Is it to help Google crawl our websites? Will our websites suffer if we don’t do this? I would answer no to most of these questions.

As we all know the nofollow attribute was created as a blog comment spam condom. It was since progressed into a paid link condom and most recently into a tool that webmaster could, should (lol) use to help control PR flow through our websites. Are we to believe that those that are not employing the nofollow tag on our website in some way is going to underperform on Google? Rubbish. Are we to believe that we should just go out and nofollow pages we dont want to rank thinking this will help the pages we do want to rank? Rubbish.

If you never used the follow tag for the rest of your life you will rank fine. True. Focus your efforts on ideas and techniques that a tried and true. Most that think that PR sculpting works have NEVER even tested it.

You don’t have to “sculpt” PR on your website by not passing link juice to your privacy policy, terms of service or about us pages. It is mind blowing to me that you would not want these pages not indexed or ranking for keywords anyways.

I have said before that nofollow seem to be nothing more than a band-aid on poor internal navigation. And SEOs expect to fix this by managing PR flow using nofollow. The whole idea is really crazy making. SEOs want to manage something that they cant even begin to explain. Is a great quote from Micheal Martinez clearly explaining why you can’t do this:

“I would agree that the concept of managing PageRank flow through link sculpting is mathematically acceptable. But PageRank flow is not what people in the SEO community are thinking about. They’re focused on PageRank value, and that’s an entirely different concept.

PageRank flow is a series of events. The flow may occur within one set of calculations or across multiple sets of calculations. Think of each set of calculations as an internal PageRank update. Maybe it happens every day. Maybe it happens every week. We don’t see it.

It’s extremely naive and foolish to propose that anyone in the SEO industry can manage a process none of us can see.

As far as PageRank value is concerned, people in the SEO industry can only look at Toolbar PR data. Whatever that value really means is irrelevant because it’s all we have to work with. It’s not only an imprecise measurement of the actual value Google calculates for a page, it’s not updated very often (recent events notwithstanding, unless Google goes back to more frequent Toolbar PR updates).”

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SO this is my called out to anyone that can show that PR Sculpting alone is a SEO technique that should be recognize and implemented by most websites. I am sure I won’t get many responses worth anything substantially new on the topic. With good unique content, proper internal navigation and solid back links you don’t need to worry about nofollow.