What about writers block, when you just can’t come up with anything to write about? This problem can be particularly severe for bloggers as they write so often.

Some days I have so much to blog on that I can never get to it all; I just have so many ideas, so many things I want to say or write in my blog. On other days, I just have no idea what I am going to blog on. I may be looking forward to blogging but I just don’t have any ideas. Here are some tips to combat writers block, something all writers eventually experience.

1)  Read your old blog posts. Just read what you’ve written before. This will often give you new ideas.

2) Surf the net for new post ideas. Read other peoples blogs as well as other kind of content. You never know what may spark a creative thought.

3) Go and blog somewhere different or just go somewhere different. I like to go to a local coffee shop which has free wireless access, good coffee, and good sandwiches too. Sometimes I will go there and blog for an hour or two when I have writers block and just don’t know what I am going to write.

4)  Another technique that works for me and other people is googling bizarre or random terms. For example, last week I was at a loss on what to write and I remember I googled “evil cheese,” “hairless goats” and some other strange terms that popped into my mind and I ended up laughing and I got inspired. I actually got some good ideas and did some writing as my writers block passed.

5) Just write! Maybe total drivel will come out, maybe something great, but just get some words down. Even if you produce nonsense, the very act of writing will often cure your writers block.

Every writer will eventually experience writers block. Simply reading, searching, changing your environment, surfing, writing anything down, or some combination, will usually quickly cure writers block.